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134 I know TomsWedges

I know I'm not going to sit and sew for that lazy Mrs. Vopni, with allI've got to do!&quot; snapped Ella Stowbody. They were glaring at Carol. She reflected that Mrs. Vopni, whose husband had been killed by atrain, had ten children. But Mrs. Toms Wedges
Mary Ellen Wilks was smiling. Mrs. Wilks was the proprietor of Ye Art Shoppe andMagazine and Book Store, and the reader of the small Christian Science church. She made it allclear: &quot;If this class of people had an understanding of Science and that we are the children of God andnothing can harm us, they wouldn't be in error and poverty.&quot; Mrs. Jackson Elder confirmed, &quot;Besides, it strikes me the club is already doing enough, withtreeplanting and the antifly campaign and the responsibility for the restroom to say nothing ofthe fact that we've talked of trying to get the railroad to put in a park at the station!&quot; &quot;I think so too!&quot; said Madam Chairman. She glanced uneasily at Miss Sherwin. &quot;But what doyou think, Vida?&quot; Vida smiled tactfully at each of the committee, and announced, &quot;Well, I don't believe we'dbetter start anything more right now. But it's been a privilege to hear Carol's dear generous ideas,hasn't it! Oh! There is one thing we must decide on at once. We must get together and oppose anymove on the part of the Minneapolis clubs to elect another State Federation president from the TwinCities. And this Mrs. Edgar Potbury they're putting forward I know there are people who thinkshe's a bright interesting speaker, but I regard her as very shallow. Toms Wrap Boots
What do you say to my writingto the Lake Ojibawasha Club, telling them that if their district will support Mrs. Warren for secondvicepresident, we'll support their Mrs. Hagelton (and such a dear, lovely, cultivated woman, too)for president.&quot; &quot;Yes! We ought to show up those Minneapolis folks!&quot; Ella Stowbody said acidly. &quot;And oh, bythe way, we must oppose this movement of Mrs. Potbury's to have the state clubs come outdefinitely in favor of woman suffrage.

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127 Perry nodded TomsGlitters

Perry nodded and stroked Carol's hand, but at the end she sighed: &quot;I wish I could agree with you, dearie. I'm sure you're one of the Lord's anointed (even if wedon't see you at the Baptist Church as often as we'd like to)! But I'm afraid you're tootenderhearted. When Champ and I came here we teamedit with an oxcart from Sauk Centre toGopher Prairie, and there was nothing here then but a stockade and a few soldiers and some logcabins. When we wanted salt pork and gunpowder, we sent out a man on horseback, and probablyhe was shot dead by the Injuns before he got back. We ladies of course we were all farmers atfirst we didn't expect any restroom in those days. My, we'd have thought the one they have nowwas simply elegant! My house was roofed with hay and it leaked something terrible when it rained only dry place was under a shelf. Toms Glitters
&quot;And when the town grew up we thought the new city hall was real fine. And I don't see anyneed for dancehalls. Dancing isn't what it was, anyway. We used to dance modest, and we had justas much fun as all these young folks do now with their terrible Turkey Trots and hugging and all.But if they must neglect the Lord's injunction that young girls ought to be modest, then I guess theymanage pretty well at the K. P. Toms Last Chance Hall and the Oddfellows', even if some of tie lodges don't alwayswelcome a lot of these foreigners and hired help to all their dances. And I certainly don't see anyneed of a farmbureau or this domestic science demonstration you talk about. In my day the boyslearned to farm by honest sweating, and every gal could cook, or her ma learned her how across herknee! Besides, ain't there a county agent at Wakamin? He comes here once a fortnight, maybe.That's enough monkeying with this scientific farming Champ says there's nothing to it anyway. &quot;And as for a lecture hall haven't we got the churches? Good deal better to listen to a goodoldfashioned sermon than a lot of geography and books and things that nobody needs to know more 'n enough heathen learning right here in the Thanatopsis. And as for trying to make a whole town in this Colonial architecture you talk about I do love nice things; to this day I run ribbonsinto my petticoats, even if Champ Perry does laugh at me, the old villain! But just the same I don'tbelieve any of us oldtimers would like to see the town that we worked so hard to build being toredown to make a place that wouldn't look like nothing but some Dutch storybook and not a bit likethe place we loved. Toms Tiny TOMS
And don't you think it's sweet now? All the trees and lawns? And such comfyhouses, and hotwater heat and electric lights and telephones and cement walks and everything?Why, I thought everybody from the Twin Cities always said it was such a beautiful town!&quot; Carol forswore herself; declared that Gopher Prairie had the color of Algiers and the gaiety ofMardi Gras. Yet the next afternoon she was pouncing on Mrs. Lyman Cass, the hooknosed consort of theowner of the flourmill. Mrs. Cass's parlor belonged to the crammedVictorian school, as Mrs. Luke Dawson's belongedto the bareVictorian.

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120 Andperhaps TomsCords

Andperhaps there are several poets not mentioned today whom it might be worth while considering Keats, for instance, and Matthew Arnold and Rossetti and Swinburne. Swinburne would be such a well, that is, such a contrast to life as we all enjoy it in our beautiful Middlewest &quot; She saw that Mrs. Leonard Warren was not with her. She captured her by innocently continuing: &quot;Unless perhaps Swinburne tends to be, uh, more outspoken than you, than we really like. Whatdo you think, Mrs. Warren?&quot; The pastor's wife decided, &quot;Why, you've caught my very thoughts, Mrs. Toms Cords
Kennicott. Of course Ihave never read Swinburne, but years ago, when he was in vogue, I remember Mr. Warren sayingthat Swinburne (or was it Oscar Wilde? but anyway:) he said that though many socalledintellectual people posed and pretended to find beauty in Swinburne, there can never be genuinebeauty without the message from the heart. But at the same time I do think you have an excellentidea, and though we have talked about Furnishings and China as the probable subject for next year,I believe that it would be nice if the program committee would try to work in another day entirelydevoted to English poetry! In fact, Madame Chairman, I so move you.&quot; When Mrs. Dawson's coffee and angel'sfood had helped them to recover from the depressioncaused by thoughts of Shakespeare's death they all told Carol that it was a pleasure to have her withthem. toms shoe store The membership committee retired to the sittingroom for three minutes and elected her a member. And she stopped being patronizing. She wanted to be one of them. They were so loyal and kind. It was they who would carry outher aspiration. Her campaign against village sloth was actually begun! On what specific reformshould she first loose her army? During the gossip after the meeting Mrs. Toms Glitters
George Edwin Mottremarked that the city hall seemed inadequate for the splendid modern Gopher Prairie. Mrs. NatHicks timidly wished that the young people could have free dances there the lodge dances wereso exclusive. The city hall. That was it! Carol hurried home. She had not realized that Gopher Prairie was a city.

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113 "Wouldn't you tomsshoescoupon

&quot;Wouldn't you like to come in and play cribbage, someevening?&quot; As though he meant it, Pollock begged, &quot;May I, really?&quot; While she was purchasing two yards of malines the vocal Raymie Wutherspoon tiptoed up toher, his long sallow face bobbing, and he besought, &quot;You've just got to come back to my departmentand see a pair of patent leather slippers I set aside for you.&quot; In a manner of more than sacerdotal reverence he unlaced her boots, tucked her skirt about herankles, slid on the slippers. She took them. &quot;You're a good salesman,&quot; she said. &quot;I'm not a salesman at all! I just like elegant things. All this is so inartistic. toms shoes coupon
&quot; He indicated with aforlornly waving hand the shelves of shoeboxes, the seat of thin wood perforated in rosettes, thedisplay of shoetrees and tin boxes of blacking, the lithograph of a smirking young woman withcherry cheeks who proclaimed in the exalted poetry of advertising, &quot;My tootsies never got hep towhat pedal perfection was till I got a pair of clever classy Cleopatra Shoes.&quot; &quot;But sometimes,&quot; Raymie sighed, &quot;there is a pair of dainty little shoes like these, and I set themaside for some one who will appreciate. When I saw these I said right away, `Wouldn't it be nice ifthey fitted Mrs. Kennicott,' and I meant to speak to you first chance I had. I haven't forgotten ourjolly talks at Mrs. Gurrey's!&quot; That evening Guy Pollock came in and, though Kennicott instantly impressed him into acribbage game, Carol was happy again. toms shoes women toms shoe store V She did not, in recovering something of her buoyancy, forget her determination to begin theliberalizing of Gopher Prairie by the easy and agreeable propaganda of teaching Kennicott to enjoyreading poetry in the lamplight. The campaign was delayed. Twice he suggested that they call on neighbors; once he was in the country. The fourth evening he yawned pleasantly, stretched, andinquired, &quot;Well, what'll we do tonight? Shall we go to the movies?&quot; &quot;I know exactly what we're going to do. Now don't ask questions! Come and sit down by thetable. There, are you comfy? Lean back and forget you're a practical man, and listen to me. Toms Men
&quot; It may be that she had been influenced by the managerial Vida Sherwin; certainly she soundedas though she was selling culture. But she dropped it when she sat on the couch, her chin in herhands, a volume of Yeats on her knees, and read aloud. Instantly she was released from the homely comfort of a prairie town. She was in the world oflonely things the flutter of twilight linnets, the aching call of gulls along a shore to which thenetted foam crept out of darkness, the island of Aengus and the elder gods and the eternal gloriesthat never were, tall kings and women girdled with crusted gold, the woful incessant chanting andthe &quot;Hehchacha!&quot; coughed Dr. Kennicott. She stopped.

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106 It was thirty TomsArtist

It was thirty below zero; too cold to exhilarate her.In the spaces between houses the wind caught her. It stung, it gnawed at nose and ears and achingcheeks, and she hastened from shelter to shelter, catching her breath in the lee of a barn, grateful forthe protection of a billboard covered with ragged posters showing layer under layer ofpastesmeared green and streaky red. The grove of oaks at the end of the street suggested Indians, hunting, snowshoes, and shestruggled past the earthbanked cottages to the open country, to a farm and a low hill corrugatedwith hard snow. In her loose nutria coat, seal toque, virginal cheeks unmarked by lines of villagejealousies, she was as out of place on this dreary hillside as a scarlet tanager on an icefloe. Shelooked down on Gopher Prairie. toms shoe store
The snow, stretching without break from streets to devouringprairie beyond, wiped out the town's pretense of being a shelter. The houses were black specks on awhite sheet. Her heart shivered with that still loneliness as her body shivered with the wind. She ran back into the huddle of streets, all the while protesting that she wanted a city's yellowglare of shopwindows and restaurants, or the primitive forest with hooded furs and a rifle, or abarnyard warm and steamy, noisy with hens and cattle, certainly not these dun houses, these yardschoked with winter ashpiles, these roads of dirty snow and clotted frozen mud. The zest of winterwas gone. Three months more, till May, the cold might drag on, with the snow ever filthier, theweakened body less resistent. Toms Artist She wondered why the good citizens insisted on adding the chill ofprejudice, why they did not make the houses of their spirits more warm and frivolous, like the wisechatterers of Stockholm and Moscow. She circled the outskirts of the town and viewed the slum of "Swede Hollow." Wherever asmany as three houses are gathered there will be a slum of at least one house. In Gopher Prairie, theSam Clarks boasted, "you don't get any of this poverty that you find in cities always plenty ofwork no need of charity man got to be blame shiftless if he don't get ahead." But now that thesummer mask of leaves and grass was gone, Carol discovered misery and dead hope. In a shack ofthin boards covered with tarpaper she saw the washerwoman, Mrs. Toms Botas
Steinhof, working in graysteam. Outside, her sixyearold boy chopped wood. He had a torn jacket, muffler of a blue likeskimmed milk. His hands were covered with red mittens through which protruded his chapped rawknuckles. He halted to blow on them, to cry disinterestedly. A family of recently arrived Finns were camped in an abandoned stable.

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